Matthew M. Wirgau
President and CEO

James W. McDowell
Managing Director

Richard C. Mueller

Our Team of Professionals

Who We Are

In today’s very competitive environment, successful business development activities continue to play a very significant role in achieving corporate and shareholder objectives.  

We provide companies and individuals with a uniquely designed comprehensive approach to business growth. 

In our client-focused approach, we first take the time to learn and understand our client's needs, goals, and objectives.

Our Focus

By focusing on long-term client relationships rather than the pursuit of individual assignments or transactions, we serve our clients as a trusted confidential advisor.

Confidentiality, trust, and commitment to achieving results help us meet our client’s needs, whatever the assignment, and makes us a valued long-term partner.

Our Commitment

We work with clients to develop a clear understanding of their goals and objectives and work with them to achieve unparalleled results.

The team at Midwest Financial -M&A is a highly qualified team of senior professionals who have over 25 years of experience. 

We have developed a unique client-focused approach.  We first take the time to fully learn and understand our client’s needs, goals and objectives.

We have developed a ‘best practices’ approach to each of the financial services we provide. We are especially skilled at handling complex transactions and special situations. When an owner or senior manager contemplates selling a company or divesting a division, we can help maximize value.

Our process and philosophy is based on integrity, confidentiality and thoroughness.  We assist a firm in obtaining the highest price and structuring the transaction to maximize financial objectives.

We believe that owners of companies involved in a business development transaction managed by Midwest Financial Service receive substantially greater value than they might have obtained through direct negotiations without our investment banking services.