M&A Services for Buyers and Sellers

We work with our clients to identify acquisition targets and help them successfully complete the purchase.
We help entrepreneurs sell their business, by finding a strategic buyer or a private equity firm to maximize value.

Representation of Buyers

Midwest Financial – M&A can make your acquisition growth strategy a success. We know how critical it is to have your acquisition strategy in alignment with your current strategic plan. We will work closely with you and your management team to identify ideal acquisition targets and successfully help you complete the transaction.

We have extensive experience in contacting potential sellers, making the initial approach, getting them to consider selling, and maintaining a good relationship throughout the acquisition process. We will assist you with everything from the initial contact through to closing. Through our vast network we pre-screen potential sellers to evaluate market pricing or the likelihood of completing the acquisition.

We are skilled at handling complex transactions and special situations.

Summary of Our Strategic Acquisition Process:

  • Prepare a strategic acquisition criteria and plan

  • Develop a list of acquisition targets

  • Conduct extensive searches for potential acquisition targets

  • Contact of acquisition targets

  • Coordinate and facilitate communications, meetings, and visits with acquisition targets

  • Develop the key due diligence questions list

  • Coordinate financial, operations, HR, IT, legal, and other areas due diligence

  • Prepare letters of intent (LOIs)

  • Create the deal structure and terms

  • Negotiate the final price and terms

  • Coordinate the design of transaction documents

  • Work with the lawyers, CPA firms, environmental firms, reps and warranty insurance companies, and others

  • Manage all transaction activities

  • Assist with arranging acquisition financing

  • Assist with closing the deal

  • Provide integration services post acquisition

  • Complete a thorough and detailed review of the acquisition process to find ways to complete the next acquisition(s) more efficiently

Representation of Sellers

Succession planning is a critical issue facing a business owner and one too often avoided. After many years of hard work in a business, it is typical for a business owner to have difficulty transitioning to retirement.

We have over 25 years’ experience assisting business owners with succession plans. We assist the owners of businesses who want to sell and transition out of their business by exploring strategic alternatives and determining the fair market value of their business. Our efforts on behalf of sellers are conducted to protect the confidentiality of the sale process, while structuring a transaction that satisfies the seller’s pricing expectations and transfer of ownership objectives.

We assess the goals and needs of the business owner, research the business and its competitive environment, and develop a succession plan to prepare the business for transition to achieve the optimal objectives for all stakeholders.

Controlling the transition is a very important step for a business owner to ensure that the right goals and objectives are achieved.

Our approach includes:

  • Complete a professional business valuation of the company, its divisions or product lines to determine the fair market value and market potential

  • Prepare a detailed, confidential offering memorandum that includes the company's history, past historical financial results, financial performance ratios and projected future economic earnings forecast

  • Coordinate and facilitate communications, meetings, and visits with qualified buyers

  • Ensure the confidentiality of our seller client’s business by requiring each potential buyer to execute a Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)

  • Maintain confidentiality throughout the process

  • Assist in the negotiation, structuring and closing of a transaction to achieve the maximum value for our clients